23/04/2012 14:27 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Tips And Tricks For The Final Week Of Nominations For The MAD Blog Awards!

So here we are already, the final week of nominations in the third annual MAD Blog Awards, which celebrate the very best parents blogging today!

If you haven't nominated your favourite blog yet, have a good look around the blogosphere, mosey on over to the nominations page and make some people happy. are the sponsors of the MAD Blog Awards, offering the most amazing prize for MAD Blogger of the Year – a £500 high street spending spree plus a family holiday in Europe with Keycamp AND the opportunity to join the writing team at Parentdish!

The time to be shy has now passed, pop a MADs badge on your blog and start a serious campaign!

People are getting very creative with their appeals for nominations so here are a few ways to get people's attention and ensure they cast their vote your way.

Make a video

Seeing the face behind the blog dancing/singing/begging brings the personal into the voting process. Try to make them laugh, cry or simply take pity on you. Tell them why they should vote for you, what is it about your blog that is special?

Use your children

These are parent blog awards after all. Play on the cute or have them holding out begging bowls, all's fair in love and blogging!

Make some promises

Let your readers know how much better (if that is even possible) your blog will be if it is 'award winning'. Perhaps you could promise them a series of giveaways to celebrate your win. The rules don't allow you to give any material incentives for nominations, so perhaps now's the time to promise a bit of bloggy karaoke?

Email all your friends, family and work colleagues

Ask them to nominate you. Be warned, if they don't blog they will have no idea what you are on about and will feel no sense of urgency whatsoever. It may be a good idea to put together an email with the appropriate links in bold, maybe even in CAPITAL LETTERS

Don't forget Facebook

Do mention the awards to your Facebook chums, and ask them to consider sharing the link to the MAD Blog Awards website.

Remind people

Let your readers know what your blog is all about and tell them which category you would like to be nominated in, it might seem obvious to you but people are forgetful things! If you want to be nominated in the Best Baby Blog award, remind your readers that your blog is full of your baby!

Above all, have a bit of fun, stick your tongue in your cheek and celebrate blogging!

Remember, you must download our badge and put it on your blog if you want to take part in the next stage of the MAD Blog Awards. Good luck!