26/04/2012 10:28 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Meet Harper's Bazaar Espana's 56-Year-Old Cover Girl

Harper's Bazaar Espana has made 56-year-old actress, Angela Molina, its April 2012 cover girl - with fantastically arresting results:

Meet Harper's Bazaar Espana's 56-year-old cover girl Nico for Harper's Bazaar Espana

We're going to confess that we hadn't heard of her before but this cover had us heading straight to Harper's Spanish website and IMDB (she's been in 116 films!) which is surely the sign of a successful cover image.

The thing we really like is that it doesn't feel 'stunt'-y - usually when there is someone outside the 18-35 bracket and without noticeable Photoshopping there is much fanfare and the image is usually a tight beauty shot to make the most of those un-retouched lines. Maybe we've just managed to miss an avalanche of bombastic press releases but it actually feels like Harper's think Angela has something to say rather than just causing a kerfuffle.

Oh, and our Spanish is rusty (in the extreme) but we're pretty sure she's wearing a custom-made trench coat by Loewe!