26/04/2012 10:20 BST | Updated 26/04/2012 10:49 BST

Louis Theroux On Dementia, Kidnap Diaries And The Plot To Bring Down Britain's Planes: Tonight's TV Pick

The Plot to Bring Down Britain’s Planes – Channel 4, 9pm

In 2006 a group of men from East London plotted to blow up planes leaving Heathrow airport by disguising their explosives as drinks.

Thankfully the mission was intercepted by MI5 intelligence and American intervention - 12 people were convicted and over 2,000 lives saved.

Through interviews from those involved in the investigation and a vivid reconstruction, this one-off documentary examines the home-grown terrorist plot in vivid detail and brings it back as if it were yesterday.

An absolute must see.

The Kidnap Diaries – BBC4, 9pm

En route to be the first Western journalist to film at a certain, remote Taliban training camp, Sean Langan’s trip was cut short. Together with his translator Sami, he was taken hostage and a high ransom demanded for his release.

Based on a true story, Langan co-wrote this drama telling of his personal struggle to come to terms with the fact that he may never see his family again.

Langan is interviewed about his ordeal immediately after the programme at 10pm.

Louis Theroux, Extreme Love: Dementia – BBC2, 9pm

The second installment in Louis’ two-part series focuses on dementia, which with an ageing population is becoming more and more of a concern.

We are taken to the Beatitudes centre in Phoenix, Arizona – a residential institution for those suffering from dementia.

This heart-wrenching hour follows a group of families as the struggle against the ever encroaching shadows of dementia – John, 89, who wears a name badge so that his wife Nancy, who is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s, will remember who he is; 69-year-old Gary who has taken on new girlfriend after forgetting his 30 year marriage; and Gail who is no longer able to speak.

See a clip from The Plot to Bring Down Britain’s Planes below