28/04/2012 14:43 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Baby Born With Three Arms Has Successful Operation To Remove Extra Limb

A baby girl born with three arms has had a successful operation to remove the third arm, which was attached to her back near her spinal cord.

A team of surgeons, headed by Dr Harron Khursheed, removed the extra arm in what has been described as a 'complicated surgery' It was the first operation of its kind at Nishtan Hospital in Multan, Pakistan. The baby is now recovering in hospital.

The baby, who was born on April 23 and has yet to be named, was brought into the hospital after her father, Waqar Ahmed, took her to a local clinic after her birth.

The baby's extra limb was the result of the incredibly rare condition, called Polymelia, which causes an embryo to start developing as conjoined twins. One of the twins fails to develop fully leaving the developed twin with extra limbs.

The condition affects one in a million newborns. Although extremely rare, Parentdish recently covered the news of a baby boy who was born with six legs, who thankfully also had a successful operation to remove the extra limbs.