29/04/2012 21:00 BST

The Voice Australia - Karise Eden Overwhelms Judges Keith Urban, Seal, Deltra Goodrem, Joel Madden (VIDEO)

If you think the judges on the UK version of The Voice are enamoured of the acts that have come their way, check out this clip of the Australian version of the talent show.

Judges including country star Keith Urban, Seal, Delta Goodrem and Joel Madden all bashed their buttons in unison as soon as they heard the stunning tones of teenager Karise Eden belting out James Brown's It's a Man's Man's Word.

The Aussie teenager had obviously been listening to her Janis Joplin collection - and swotting up on her Tina Turner too.

Keith Urban looked particularly overwhelmed by what he was hearing and was on his feet as the song ended.

All four coaches to have Karise on their team, but the teenager opted to go with Seal - who yelled, "Sing it" as Karises hit her final notes.

With the US version of the show also gaining in popularity, it can only be a matter of time until there's an international version... Voice of Voices?

Here are the UK contestants in action this week - have any of these got what it takes to match Karise?

The Voice live show 1