That'll Come In Handy: Amy Childs Promotes Fake Tan Range As She Reveals She Wants To Do 'Strictly'

That'll Come In Handy

There are some things in life that you just can't imagine existing without each other.

Ant without Dec? Brrrrr. Simon Cowell without his high waisted trousers? No chance. Posh without her pout? Purrrleeease.

Same goes for Amy Childs and orange skin. It's symbiotic, innit?

So we're not exactly surprised to see the former TOWIE star has put her name to her own range of tanning products which she's been personally flogging in Tesco stores up and down the country. Who said celebrity life wasn't all glamour?

And if Amy gets her way she'll need to stock up on bottles of Up Tan Girl (see what she's done there) as she's revealed she wants a place on the next series of Strictly.




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