Husky Insists On Holding Its Owner's Hand As It Rides Shotgun In Car (VIDEO)

WATCH: Husky Insists On Holding Owner's Hand As He Drives

We have to give you fair warning: this video we've got for you above is seriously darn cute.

Showing YouTuber 'ihavehornz' driving to work, it also lets you see his pet pooch Shiro riding shotgun beside him.

Securely strapped in, the 10-month-old Siberian Husky seems perfectly happy sitting alongside his master... but that doesn't mean he isn't in need of some attention.

Noticing his owner's habit of resting his hand on the gearstick, he offers up out a paw - and without a second thought, his owner holds it. Holds it until he needs to change gear, of course.

Explaining more of how it happened, Ihavehornz offers up some details beneath the YouTube video in question:

Does she have car sickness? No. She has never been car sick or my carpets would know. My best guess is she doesn't like me leaving her alone at the end of the ride for a few hours. She is very attached.

As for why she's so anxious? Well, it's not because she's in a car...

Just to address some of the people posting she is anxious in the car, I agree. But she only really does this when I go on this specific route, as she knows that I will be leaving her for a few hours to go to work (I take her to my parents they have a huge backyard to run around in). Any other time I go out she's a lot more calm and just watches out the window... but she still holds my hand though!

Of course, huskies, as we've learnt from extensive YouTube research, are often adorable - and for proof, here's the video gallery that helped lead to that amazing discovery.


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