Phillip Schofield Snubbed 50th Birthday Celebrations

'I'm Terrified Of Growing Old'

With his famous grey locks, you'd have thought Phillip Schofield wouldn't mind growing older, but TV's silver fox has revealed he wasn't feeling in a celebratory mood for his 50th birthday recently.

The This Morning presenter reached the milestone on April Fool's day, but it was no joke for him as the star has revealed he is terrified of growing older.

Pip told The Mirror of how he ordered his wife Steph to hide all cards with '50' on them as they reminded him about how short life is.

"I have a real problem with ageing and reaching 50 has bothered me for years. In my head I feel 26 but as another year goes by I think 'bloody hell'. I hate ticking off the years. It depresses me and reminds me that life's too short."

The fear of reaching 50 may come from how Phillip saved his dad Brian from a terrifying heart attack when he was just 49.

Explaining the incident, Phillip said: "Dad went into the kitchen and got a glass of water. He sat down, put the glass down and went bang. Just like that. Dropped 'dead' in his chair. At 49. I laid him on the floor and everything went into tunnel vision... I'd learned the basics of CPR, so I started doing mouth-to-mouth.

"I kept him alive until the ambulance men arrived. The guy took his pulse and said, 'You're not doing it right... but don't stop because it seems to be working. The only thing he ever complained about when he came round from a quadruple heart bypass operation was that his chest hurt where I'd hit him."

Phillip has just been announced as the host of ITV's coverage of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee later this year, with newsreader Julie Etchingham.

The pair - who first worked together on coverage of the royal wedding last year - will broadcast from a specially-constructed studio at Buckingham Palace on 5 June.

ITV's director of news and current affairs Michael Jeremy said: "ITV will give viewers a close-up view on a great day of national celebration.

"We'll aim to capture the national mood as millions of people across the country toast the Queen's 60th anniversary on the throne.



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