Rihanna. In A Bikini. On Holiday. Need We Say More?


Our mother told us never to look a gift horse in the mouth. So no matter how many times we may have seen Rihanna wearing next to nothing before, the fact she wants to keep giving us pictures like this means we should take them with the good will in which they were given.

Okay then, if we must.

This set of Ri-kini shots come from her holiday in Hawaii, where she hit the beach in this tiny, tasselled, black two piece.

Of course she was completely unaware the paparazzi were there to catch a glimpse of those toned abs and enviable curves - just who doesn't frolic in the sea posing like that?

But however much of a pro she is at in front of the cameras, it doesn't quite look as if she's got the hang of the whole surfing malarkey yet.

It has also just been announced that RRi is set to further her movie career with a role in The Fast And The Furious 6.

A source told The Sun she'll be playing a villain in the sixth installment of the franchise.

“It’s a step up the ladder for her and could lead to bigger action roles.”



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