WATCH: Rihanna's New Video 'Where Have You Been' Is Here - Lots Of Writhing And Dancing (VIDEO)

WATCH: Rihanna's New Video Is Here

Rihanna has been teasing her fans for a while, with glimpses of her new video for Where Have You Been... and now it's here in all its glory.

The high-concept video shows Ri-Ri reveal herself as the goddess she undoubtedly is, surfacing from beneath the murky depths and having a good old writhe - abs and arms displayed to perfection - before setting off on a highly energetic pursuit of, presumably, a man.

Where have you been, because I've been searching, and I never see you out. Rihanna shows that even goddesses can suffer from a man-drought

Her search takes her to the desert and some comical Turkish trousers, and finally a darker, more intimate setting, before finally plopping back in the river.

There's lots of immaculate choreography and a club-friendly hook, that you'd better start liking if you're planning on going to a holiday hotspot this summer. It's going to be massive.

And, just in case you need a bit more, here's Ri-Ri in pics sneaked from the vid, so you can start practising those moves...


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