Sex Education Film Likened To A 'Blue Movie' Under Review By BBC

Sex Education Film Likened To A 'Blue Movie' Under Review By BBC


The BBC has promised to review a sex education film after schools' minister Nick Gibb expressed his concern over its content.

The film, which was aimed at primary school aged kids as young as nine, was said by one MP to have footage akin to a 'blue movie'.

The Sun claimed parents had been left shocked and outraged after seeing the video which contained scenes of computer-generated couples having sex, as well as animated figures getting jiggy. It also described masturbation, and what happens to the body during sex.

'The Sex and Relationship Education', the CD-ROM was produced by BBC Active.

Nick Gibb said the BBC had now agreed to review the 'Sex and Relationship Education' CD-ROM, saying: "Parents are justifiably worried materials like this are being used in lessons."

The Tory MP who first voiced concerns about the material, Andrea Leadsom, said she was pleased with the outcome, but has called for sex education materials to be given age ratings.

A BBC Active spokeswoman told the Sun that although the film had already been 'widely used' it would now be updated.

Have you been concerned by sex education materials used at your children's school? Have you seen this particular video?