Shadow Of The Sea: $190m Futuristic Stealth Ship From Bond Film Put Up For Sale As Scrap

Stealth Ship From Bond Film Up For Sale

A stealth ship designed for the US department of defense in the 1980s has been put up for sale.

Called the Shadow of the Sea, the experimental vessel was the inspiration for the boat that featured in the 1997 Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, on which a deranged media mogul, played by Jonathan Price, planned to launch an attack on China, instigating a nuclear exchange.

The 563-ton Shadow, which cost $190m to build, has been posted on an auction website for military products to be sold as scrap. The auction finishes on Thursday, with bidding currently standing at just over $100,000.

The futuristic stealth ship is now being sold for scrap

The vessel, which is more than 160ft long and boasts a top speed of 14 knots, was completed in 1985, but its existence remained classified until 1993.

Lockheed Martin, who built the ship hoped the navy would commission a fleet of Shadows, but only one was ever completed.

Despite of futuristic design, the boat has languished in a dry dock in California for much of its life.


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