South Park On Demand: Now Brits Can Watch Full Episodes Online! Like, Totally Legally!

South Park On Demand Launches

Good news, South Park fans! Or more specifically: South Park fans in the UK! Because we're one step closer to joining our lucky American cousins and being able to watch the whole of South Park online.

South Park On Demand is a new part of the show's website which now allows Brits to watch 50 of the funniest episodes - as voted for by fans - as well as episodes from the latest series. The cost is £2 for 24 hours or £3 for seven days - which we think is actually pretty reasonable. Especially if you're considering doing a Back-To-Back-South-Park-Watching-Marathon-With-Only-Cheesy-Poofs-To-Sustain-You. (You are planning one of those, right?)

No news yet as to when or indeed if the UK will ever be able to enjoy the online access that Americans have to free, full episodes - so for that, we're sadly just going to have to use a little... Imaginaaaaation.... Imaginaaaaation... Imaginaaaaaation...


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