The Saturdays' Rochelle Wiseman And Mollie King Share A Bed As Royal Romance Cools (PHOTO)

Pillow Talk

It's the stuff teenage boys' dreams are made of... Rochelle Wiseman and Mollie King in bed. Together. What a couple of teases.

The Saturdays' stars slipped under the sheets for a quick photo opp which Rochelle then posted on Twitter, along with the message, "Working hard in bed with a boiled egg!"

Honestly Roch, that's no way to talk about Mollie.

We're not sure what Rochelle's finance, Marvin Humes of JLS, will make of the snap but we bet Prince Harry is kicking himself after reportedly cooling things off with Mollie.

Despite never confirming they're an item, the Prince has apparently told the singer he wants to cool things between them after he felt she was being too open about their relationship in the press.

Last week Mollie took to Twitter to deny any romance between her and the Royal in apparent effort to play down the media frenzy, saying: "Guys, I’m getting a lot of tweets about Prince Harry but...I’m not dating him and we’re not in a relationship. We’re just friends."

According to the Daily Mail, Harry is still in contact with Mollie but has since moved on to other female admirers.

"Harry likes discreet girls and Mollie seems to be enjoying the publicity a bit too much."



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