Timothy Dalton: 'Benicio Del Toro Cut Off My Finger'

Forget Licence To Kill

Former Bond star Timothy Dalton has a lasting memento from his time as 007 - he had part of a finger cut off by actor Benicio Del Toro after a stunt went horribly wrong.

The actor insisted on performing the majority of his stunts on his second and final effort as James Bond in 1989's Licence To Kill, but he lived to regret his daredevil ways after the tip of one of his fingers was cut off during a scene with Del Toro.

Dalton tells Empire magazine: "Benicio Del Toro cut off my finger. It wasn't really his fault, but we were doing the scene where I'm hanging over a meat-grinder and he's cutting away at the wires holding me, and something went wrong. Come to think of it, we probably shouldn't have had a sharp knife."

The star suffered another stunt mishap on the action movie - but this time the only injury was his pride: "For the finale, I had to jump from one moving tanker to another. I leap across, climb the ladder while all these bullets are going off - bam! bam! bam! - and the klaxon that means 'cut' goes off. I'm thrilled. I know I've done a good job. But when I look around, everyone's p**sing themselves. I look down and I'm in my underpants. My trousers are hanging down off my ankles."


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