'Venice In A Day' Timelapse Will Make You Want To Go To Italy (VIDEO)

WATCH: Beautiful 'Venice In A Day' Timelapse

There's no doubt that Venice is beautiful - but if you want to see it in an even more beautiful way (without getting on a plane), you could do a lot worse than watch this timelapse video of one day in the magical city, from sunrise to sunset.

Created by Swiss Vimeo user Joerg Niggli, it's a three and a half minute mini-masterpiece that'll make you miss ol' Venezia even if you haven't actually been there.

As for how this miniaturised, toy-like effect is created, well, that's all down to tilt-shift photography, where a still camera's selective focus is fiddled with in just the right way so as to make the subject look both close and far away at the same time.

It's all very complicated, if we're honest. If you're curious, we'd recommend you check out this YouTube video that shows you how to do it yourself - it's easy when you have the time, it seems.

Anyway, here's little collection of other awesome tilt-shift videos for you to check out below. Many of them feature Disney theme parks. So that's nice.


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