Louise Mensch Hits Back At 'Misogynistic Twitter Abuse'

Mensch Hits Back At Twitter 'Bullying'

Conservative MP Louise Mensch has hit back at the "misogynistic and bullying" messages she has received on Twitter.

Corby MP Mensch exposed abusive messages she has been receiving online after the Commons culture committee published their report into News International and phone hacking.

Messages have included suggestions that she should star as one of the The Sun's 'Page 3' girls, and other more obscene remarks.

She said she exposed these messages on Twitter "to show what abuse people are capable of behind safety of screens".

Mensch added that many women have been "shamed into silence" by the abuse they receive online.

This is not the first time Mensch has received rough treatment from users of social media. Last month, Frank Zimmerman was jailed for sending a threatening email to Mensch.

Fellow Tory MP Nadine Dorries has been on the receiving end of abuse from Twitter users and has highlighted the "torrent of abuse" she receives.

There has been an increased focus on bullying on social media recently. Liam Stacey was imprisoned for tweeting racist messages about the football player Fabrice Muamba. Another football player, Stan Collymore, has complained about racist messages on Twitter.


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