03/05/2012 13:33 BST

St Andrews University Students Offered Helicopter 'Mile High Club' At May Ball

The majority of students drunkenly stumble to their end of year balls. Some may even opt for the bus. Or, if you're feeling really flush, you might even fork out for a cab.

But at St Andrews University, this just isn't the done thing. If you really want to flash some cash, you make your grand entrance from the skies and descend to earth to mingle with the mortals via helicopter.

The university's exclusive Kate Kennedy May Ball is offering the opportunity to add a "touch" of luxury to the big event, according to student paper The Stand. Just a touch, mind. We wouldn't want to go too overboard.

If you're lucky (read: rich) enough to hold one of these exclusive golden tickets, you will be treated to panoramic aerial views of St Andrews Bay. Soar in the sky with seagulls, pity the poor plebeians scuttling around below. After all, public transport is for commoners, is it not?