03/05/2012 10:34 BST

The Hoarder Next Door, The Restaurant Inspector, Life Stories: Carol Vorderman: Tonight's TV Pick:

The Hoarder Next Door – Channel 4, 9pm

In this series Stelios Kiosses, psychotherapist and expert in the art of decluttering, lends a helping hand to super collectors and teaches them how to let go.

Tonight, we meet 55-year-old Nigel Jennings from Liverpool. One of the most extreme cases has ever seen, Nigel hasn’t been inside some rooms of his house for over seven years.

Let’s hope the six-week course will help him ditch his old ways.

The Restaurant Inspector – Channel 5, 9pm

Tune in to see Fernando Peire, managing director of the exclusive Ivy restaurant in London, as he tries to help failing restaurants turn themselves around.

This episode focuses on the Maharaja Tandoori. When the restaurant first opened Ahmed Faruk enjoyed queues out the door, but recently custom has dipped – considerably.

70-year-old Faruk is not getting any younger, but is reluctant to hand the reigns over to his clueless son.

Piers Morgan, Life Stories: Carol Vorderman – ITV1, 10:35pm

This week Piers meets celebrity brain box Carol Vorderman.

The Loose Women host opens up about plastic surgery rumours, two failed marriages and the death of countdown host Richard Whiteley.

An emotional Vorderman says: ''It still hurts very much. I loved him, I really loved him.''