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Britain's Got Talent Review: Jonathan Antoine And Charlotte Jaconelli Storm Through The Second Live Semi-Final (VIDEO)

It was the second of 5 live semi-finals in the lead-up to Saturday’s grand final, and the big question – would Jonathan Antoine and his partner Charlotte Jaconelli be able to repeat the storming success of their audition piece?

The answer was yes. Charlotte, whom Simon had suggested Jonathan abandon after the audition, had blossomed, and the pair cut a stylish dash together in sparkling black. As for Jonathan’s voice, it was able to take the audience by surprise again, with a richness beyond its years.

WATCH Jonathan And Charlotte's Original Storming Audition Piece Here

Their performance brought the four judges to their feet.

“I suggested Charlotte was holding you back," said Simon to Jonathan, who decided he would stick with his friend, the girl who'd stood up for him against school yard bullies.

As Simon told Jonathan, "That was the best decision you ever made.”

Jonathan and Charlotte were the night's winners, straight through to Saturday's final, with second place going to dancers Kai and Natalia - young singer Paige Turley got through to the final three, before the judges went with the dancing pair.

There, they'll be joined by Ashleigh and Pudsey, and Only Boys Aloud, who were Sunday's victors.

Here’s a recap of the rest of Tuesday's second semi-final…

Cascade – a team of beefy, brawny martial artists from Paris. Borrowing a sense of drama from Inception theme music, the boys used the breadth of the stage to show off their acrobatic skills, and showed other urban dance acts how it’s done. Still not sure what it’s all about, though. “Not enough flesh,” said Alesha. Somewhere, in a quiet corner, United We Stand are gently weeping.

Paige Turley – delivered a more traditional, X Factor-esque cover of a Bruno Mars song, standing on a cube all the while. “Underwhelmed,” said Amanda. “A big voice out of a little girl, even smaller than Dec,” said Walliams, before agreeing with his (???) Simon that she deserved to go through.

Karizma Krew tapped into Kool London, Union Jacks, black cab – tick tick. They got the crowd going, but Simon wasn’t sure their leader Tim belonged to the group. “Never seen anyone breakdance to Chas ‘n’ Dave,” added Walliams.

The Show Bears had previously enticed Walliams on stage with them for a sizzling performance of It’s Raining Men. This week saw them studies in gold for a Kylie montage, but they lacked some of their previous chutzpah. Simon’s buzzer had gone off before they got to the first chorus.

Michael Fish (not THAT one) on Percussion brought his percussion skills out tonight, and was as impressive as in the auditions, but “too Ibiza for me,” said Amanda. “I really liked it,” disagreed Amanda.


Organist Graham Blackledge, the only man in the country who has to realise his more comedic calling. The man whose act Simon previously called “vanilla icecream with a sausage” is undoubtedly likeable beyond all measure. “Wallace and Gromit’s lovechild,” mused Amanda. “You will sell a lot more organs, but excruciating,” decided Simon.

But let’s make no mistake. This is a comedian masquerading as a organ musician, who has yet to realise. With Butlins, weddings and cruise ships (3-days, not 3 weeks), this man WILL never be out of work.

Dancers Kai and Natalia “aren’t here to make up the numbers” – a lie, methinks, but they gave it their all. “You look like winners,” said Simon.

Four Corners prompted a lot of chat about lycra and Amsterdam from Ant ‘n’ Dec. 17 group members turned up on stage, with one element even Cascade couldn’t boast – a fiery readhead in their midst. It was no more impressive than one of Rihanna’s or Lady Gaga’s routines, and they sing as well. “I didn’t think there’d be an act sexier than the The Show Bears tonight,” said Walliams. “Best dance group in the competition,” said Alesha. “The best dance group of the evening,” said Simon. Hang on, what about those “winners” mentioned above? I’m confused. (They didn't get through to the top three.)

And finally, Jonathan and Charlotte… who brought the house down.

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