Orchestra Flash Mob Surprises Danish Commuters On Metro (VIDEO)

WATCH: Philharmonic Orchestra Flash Mob Surprises Commuters

A lifetime of pop culture absorption informs us that Denmark is a land full of lovely pastries, salted bacon and lovely-looking polite people.

This flash mob video of the Copenhagen Philharmonic playing Grieg's Peer Gynt now informs us that some of the Danish population are also a dab hand at the whole playing-musical-instruments-on-public-transport thing.

It all came about because of Radio Klassisk, a classical music radio station which just so happened to announce the philharmonic's line-up for the 2012/2013 season.

As for the video itself, it's enough to make your eyes water - as one fortunate commuter actually went ahead and did. As for how the audio quality is so gosh darn good - considering it all took place in a tiny carriage - the clip's uploader, CPHPHIL, insists that it's the real deal.

And for more memorable flash mobs, here's our flash mob video hall of fame for you to check out below, kicking off with another 'Copenhagen Phil' number from this time last year.


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