11/05/2012 12:50 BST | Updated 11/07/2012 06:12 BST

Culture Comments Of The Week


Our weekly roundup of your wisest, strangest or funniest comments on Culture's stories...

"About time, Roy's the best."

Mad Hatter 1 summed up our feelings exactly when reacting to the news that Roy Lichtenstein will be exhibited at the Tate Modern next year.

"I can think of no person on the planet that deserves their money more than this woman. The joy she has brought to hundreds of millions of poeople is incomparable."

Who could Illy be talking about? Why the newly-crowned queen of London JK Rowling of course!

"Can she just bring that Freedom of London thing around with her and just go wherever she wants to in London? 'Miss this store is closed." Whips out Freedom of London "Not to me it isn't, now step aside!""

...Although we're not sure it's quite as big a deal as WishfulThinkingRulesAll seems to think.

"Yes, I've finally solved it. It was Miss Jackie Scarlet, in the back alley with a sword."

broncohardman is at least one person convinced by a new book claiming Jack the Ripper was a woman.

"It is tacky, I wish I could have seen it up though."

Seen it up, lokiesteve? Or up it? Apologies - a poor joke about the giant, dismantled Marilyn Monroe statue in America that exposed the icon's underpants.

"A couple of pieces are okay at best, the collage & the scrapbook piece...but as a whole, hardly inspiring. It's just the name."

Difficult to disagree with vividrick on Pete Doherty's soon-to-be-auctioned artwork.

"When most of us living outside of London wont be able to afford tickets or the cost of travel to see the games it beggars belief how much money is being spent on this Seb Coe vanity project."

athelstan48 isn't a fan of latest piece of Olympic public art.

"Staggered at the cost but I think it looks fabulous"

However, twinzebras sees some point to it, at least.

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