11/05/2012 12:43 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Scottish Mums With Obese Kids Do Not Think Their Children Are Fat Claims Report


A government report has claimed that almost nine out of 10 Scottish mums with overweight or obese kids do not think their child has a problem.

The Growing up in Scotland (GUS) study found 86 per cent of mums thought their overweight or obese child was of "normal" weight.

Recently published figures showed one in five primary pupils in Scotland are overweight, with almost one in ten classed as obese.

The annual GUS study examines the lives of children in Scotland, and concentrates on three areas. This year, the study looked at early experiences at primary school, weight and physical activity, and the involvement of grandparents.

The report on weight and physical activity found 31 per cent of six-year-olds had three or more hours of "screen time" - which included watching TV, and using computers or games consoles at home - on a typical weekday. In addition, 15 per cent of youngsters exercised for less than the recommended level of 60 minutes a day.

Researchers found kids' physical activity and sedentary behaviour at earlier ages were related to their physical activity and sedentary behaviour at six, suggesting that lack of exercise became habitual at a very young age.

Scotland's children's minister Aileen Campbell said of the report: "The findings help our understanding of what makes the best start in life, how to achieve that for our children and how to measure the progress already made.

"This Government is committed to supporting children and families, and recognises that getting it right in the early years is essential. These findings will be hugely helpful to us as well as our partners working across the early years in Scotland."

What do you think? A countrywide problem we all need to be addressing?