14/05/2012 05:30 BST

Champions Legue Final Week: Fabio Capello's AC Milan Thrash Barcelona 4-0 In Athens (VIDEO)

Ahead of Bayern Munich hosting Chelsea in Saturday's Champions League final, we recall the most memorable showdowns, starting with the greatest of them all.

Barcelona's domination against Manchester United in 2011 was the finest display in a European Cup final since they suffered the ignominy of a 4-0 defeat at the hands of Fabio Capello's AC Milan in 1994.

Such was the dominance of one of football's greatest club sides that they had scored all their goals in under an hour against Johan Cruyff's Dream Team and 1992 champions.

Hit the link for all four goals on the night (embed fiends) and then watch Dejan Savicevic and Marcel Desailly's sumptuous strikes again below.