14/05/2012 14:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

So Apparently The Queen's Knickers Are For Sale On EBay...

Our list of things not to think too hard about on a Monday now includes: "Who might be prepared to pay over $5,000 for a pair of used underwear listed as belonging to Queen Elizabeth II on eBay."

The silk knickers form part of the estate of the late Baron Joseph De Bicske Dobronyi (a sculptor, jeweller and - as the listing tells us - bon vivant) and feature a royal monogram with the letter E topped by a crown.

Although the eBay auction stresses that the pants have not been verified as having protected the royal modesty by Buckingham Palace or the garment manufacturer, the seller explains:

"The belief that they are indeed Royal is based on personal conversations with Mr. Dobronyi prior to his death, its physical characteristics, and the writing on the yellow manila envelope where they were stored for many years. The writing, which is in Spanish and that Mr. Dobronyi mentioned, came from relatives of his deceased pilot friend. His friend piloted the chartered plane that was used during H.M. Queen Elizabeth's first trip to Chile in 1968."

So... the Queen potentially abandoned a pair of her knickers aboard a plane? The mind boggles.

As the listing says, "Bid now! Celebrate the Queen's Jubilee!"