15/05/2012 15:59 BST | Updated 15/05/2012 16:02 BST

Wolverhampton Wanderers Fan Attempts To Fight Hundreds Of Wigan Supporters On His Own (VIDEO)

Wolverhampton Wanderers have often lacked fight this season in the Premier League, but one fan didn't in their final Premier League match at Wigan Athletic.

As hundreds of Latics fans poured onto the pitch to celebrate the club's survival, one burly Black Country man breached the barricades and soon found himself on the front line. On his own.

He then charged at the segregated section of hundreds of Wigan supporters as stewards attempted to restrain him. The Wigan fans actually scurried away...

Akin to a scene from Braveheart, one fan didn't miss a trick and duly uploaded the video on to YouTube.