16/05/2012 05:59 BST | Updated 16/05/2012 06:15 BST

Anchorman 2 Teaser Poster Arrives Online, Boasts Several Snazzy Shoes (PICTURE)

Anchorman 2 is no more - prepare yourself for Anchorman: The Legend Continues. Well, the teaser poster for it, anyway.

Showing the slick shoes of Brick, Champ, Brian and Ron himself, it's not giving much away, but there's something about watching the world's finest news team re-assembling that fills fans of the original with unbridled joy.

The poster comes along online at the same time as special teaser footage for the film - which is yet to be fully scripted, by the way - is unveiled before certain screenings of studio stablemate The Dictator over in the US.

This teaser clip is bound to hit the web in a matter of time, probably on director Adam McKay and star Will Ferrell's website,, but until it does, you're best off consoling yourself with this teaser poster above - as well as this quote gallery below, of course.