Kym Marsh: 'Jamie Lomas Isn't A Cheat, He Didn't Do Anything Wrong'

'He Didn't Do Anything Wrong'

Everyone, listen up. Kym Marsh wants you all to know she's standing by her man Jamie Lomas no matter what you all say. And why? Well, because he 'hasn't done anything wrong', that's why. Zilch. Nada... despite being snapped on a hotel bed with a female fan.

The Coronation Street star has defended his behaviour and told of how she has forgiven him for his "mistake", after he denied care worker Katie Moores' claims they had shared a drunken snog.

In a joint interview with OK magazine, Kym said: "Of course I was annoyed, upset and angry - any woman would be. I was annoyed that he let himself get in that situation, I was annoyed that there were girls in his room, but I trust him and there's no way he'd cheat. I've forgiven him for that mistake."

Jamie also took the opportunity to explain the situation he'd found himself in.

"We’d gone to a club to celebrate a friend’s birthday. He got talking to these girls and he invited them back [to the hotel]. I was a bit drunk so I said OK," he said. "I ended up falling asleep. I passed out and that’s when this girl seized her opportunity to make some money.

"Why would I want a greasy doner kebab when I have steak at home? I love Kym and our family, I wouldn't do anything to jeopardise that."

There's more bad news for Kym as it seems her role in the stage show of Corrie, Street Of Dreams, is under threat after it was postponed following poor reviews.

In a leaked email, in possession of The Stage, show co-producer John Ward said he was postponing the dates because he is "far from happy with the show artistically and we are not prepared to take it out again in its present form".

He added: “We will be reworking the show for dates later in the year.”

At least Kym's role on the real cobbles is looking brighter though as the actress is said to have signed a new three year deal.

"The majority of the cast are either on six-month or one-year contracts. They only ever give these types of deals out when they really want to keep someone," they added.


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