Men In Black 3 Premiere: Nicole Scherzinger Wishes X Factor USA Judges And Simon Cowell 'Best Of Luck' (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Scherzinger Stuns At 'MIB3' Premiere, Talks 'X Factor USA'

Former X Factor USA judge Nicole Scherzinger has wished the reality show's new panel - including Britney Spears and Demi Lovato - "the best of luck".

The Pussy Cat Doll was axed from X Factor USA by Simon Cowell, after the first series failed to meet his expectations. However, Scherzinger insists she holds no grudges.

Speaking at the premiere of Men In Black 3, in which she makes her big screen debut, she said of the new judging panel: "I'm happy for them. I wish them all the best of luck."

Scherzinger arrived in a stunning black dress at the London premiere hand in hand with her boyfriend, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, and made it clear she's on to bigger and better things...

"I grew up doing theatre and working a lot on stage, but this is my first time in front of a big screen, hopefully the first of many," she told us on the blue carpet.

She added that film work is a whole new challenge for her: "It's fricking scary, it's much easier to perform in front of a live audience because you feel their energy, but when you're just filming it's nerve-wracking."

Scherzinger admitted she used an acting coach to help her get into the role of bad girl Lilly Poison in the latest film of the franchise, in which she acts as a sidekick to Flight of the Conchords star Jemaine Clement, who takes on the villainous role of Boris The Animal.

"I worked with my acting coach a lot, I'm not going to tell you all the crazy things she told me to think about while I was being the character and I listened to my music Killer Love and I listened to Led Zeppelin and I kind of got the frame of mind. Music is what inspires me the most," she explained.

She was joined at the premiere by the stars of the film, Will Smith - who opted for a grey suit rather than the expected Men In Black look - as well as Josh Brolin, who plays a young version of Tommy Lee Jones' character Agent K.

Emma Thompson, who plays the head of the Men In Black agency, was also at the sixties-themed gala screening, alongside beautiful up-and-coming British actress Alice Eve, who plays a younger version of Thompson's character, Agent O.

Talking about her apparent penchant for space related films, Eve, who also stars in the forthcoming Star Trek sequel, said: "In Men In Black we went into the past and in Star Trek we went into the future, so the present seems incredibly dull in comparison."

In the film Will Smith travels back to 1969 to save Agent K, the agency and the planet.

Asked what period she would most like to travel back to, Eve pondered: "I would go to the 1790's when they were really wild. There were no rules no boundaries and everyone was crazy."

And finally, just as all the stars had made their way into the Odean cinema Leicester Square and started to dance to the new Men In Black theme tune on the balcony, another superstar rocked up on the blue carpet.

The late arriver was non-other than Mr Jay Z, who swaggered along the carpet signing autographs before heading in to join the party.

PHOTOS: See all the photos from the Men In Black 3 premiere below...

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