16/05/2012 21:56 BST | Updated 16/05/2012 21:58 BST

The Apprentice Review: Jenna Whittingham's Bubble Bursts As She Becomes Lord Sugar's Ninth Fired Candidate (PHOTOS)

Jenna's run of luck finally came to an end on this week's episode of The Apprentice, as Lord Sugar decided that her contribution of the video to her team's sales-pitch was what had cost them success in the boardroom.

Jenna was one of losing Team Sterling, led by project manager Ricky, and she had come up with the idea of a throne for the advert to highlight English sparkling wine.

Out of the final three - Jenna, Ricky and Stephen - Lord Sugar decided, "Stephen, you could talk the hind legs off a donkey... Ricky, mistakes were made, that was bad project management... Jenna, what worries me is that you didn't realise this was a high-quality product, despite all the hard work, Jenna, I'm sending you home, you're fired."

Previously, Lord Sugar's industry experts had said Team Phoenix had not really done what the task intended, but Team Sterling had really messed up - all fingers were pointing towards the execution of the video, which meant... Jenna.

Fired Candidate Profile: Jenna Whittingham - "Once Seen Never Forgotten"

She held her own in the final boardroom battle, taking on Ricky - "I can see this all coming down on me, I made a silly mistake, I'm a risk-taker" - and also Stephen, "He was there with me, and at no point did he say anything."

And Gabrielle and Stephen seemed to have their own sub-war going on over what work they'd achieved earlier at the supermarket during the research stage. "Specifics, please, Gabrielle," he kept saying, which she kept providing.

But it had been evident when Team Sterling pitched their presentation to industry experts that the video which was Jenna's domain had hit completely the wrong tone. "Why was it so flippant?" asked one. "Let me ask you, do you think a French company would advertise their champagne that way?" Ouch!

Team Phoenix also faced criticism for their video, and they had questioned themselves whether it was "a bit boring".

It had been a testing time for both groups, with Team Phoenix leader Tom mostly missing in action for most of the "research" time, spent quaffing some fine tipples with his wine pupil Adam, much to Karren Brady's disgust.

Team Phoenix had a distinct advantage with their team leader Tom a wine industry professional himself, and the technical abilities of Nick Holzherr, who is shaping up as a favourite for the title.

Here are some more choice moments from this week's episode...

- Adam turning himself into a wine connoisseur in one giggly day - "I know zero about wine... you can smell Christmas cake."

- Ricky knowing even less - “I have probably only drunk wine once or twice in the past, I hate the stuff."

- Karren Brady's lack of approval for Tom's absence from the marketing campaign, in favour of a day of wine "research" - "Should the project manager be having fun or should he actually be in control of the task?"

- And Nick Hewer's even deeper unhappiness with Stephen’s contribution of the word "Grandeur" to the brand - "Grandeur, as a generic name for English sparkling wines. It’s a French word....”

- Jenna channelling her inner Beckham when it comes to the photo shoot: “The more eye-catching it is, the more people are going to look at it. When I get married I want a throne.”

- Ricky's reaction: “I don’t know what to say. I’d say it was a lot cheesier than I was expecting.

This week's candidates in action...