16/05/2012 07:01 BST | Updated 16/05/2012 10:52 BST

The Dictator Proves He Knows How To Dress Down At The Cannes Film Festival (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The Dictator Admiral General Aladeen proved he knows how to dress for the beach with his arrival on the steps of the Martinez Hotel at Cannes this morning, eschewing his usual military uniform for a more summery outfit.

And he obviously knows the form, forsaking his usual portfolio of armoured vehicle transport for the much more fitting courier of a camel.

The Dictator is released in UK cinemas today, after the Admiral General embarked on a worldwide campaign to take his mission "Down with the West" from the red carpets of the Oscars, and a small mishap with an urn of communist leader's ashes, to London's very own Festival Hall.

But the tireless Dictator shows no sign of slowing down, especially now he has new garb for the summer season.

Cannes Day 1 - 2012