17/05/2012 08:21 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Whopper Water Baby Makes A 12lb 6oz Splash At Birth!

Whopper water baby makes a 12lb 6oz splash at birth! MEN

Bethany Jane Turner made a bit of a splash when she arrived in a birthing pool at North Manchester General Hospital last week - all 12lb 6oz of her!

The not-so-little girl was two weeks overdue but amazingly was born naturally in just three and a half hours to mum Naomi Turner - with only gas and air for pain relief!

The chubby bubba now has the title of 'Britain's third biggest baby girl born naturally' - and the heaviest ever to arrive at North Manchester General!

Bonny Bethany's proud granddad has nicked her 'Popeye' because of her chunky arms, but her mum said her size made no difference to her labour, which she claimed was 'no more painful' than her two previous experiences.

Naomi, 33, and her husband Gavin, 32, are already proud parents to eight-year-old daughter Katie, who weighed 8lb 10oz at birth, and five-year-old son Billy, who weighed in at 8lb 9oz when he was born.

Naomi's midwife Sam Wagner said that staff were 'all surprised' when Bethany arrived 'with a huge splash'.

The current record holder for the accolade of biggest naturally born baby girl in the UK is Suzie Devendale who weighed 12lb 12oz when she was born in February.

Britain's biggest ever baby girl Niamh O'Halloran was an amazing 14lbs 4oz when she was born by C-section.

Are your eyes watering?! Ours are! VERY Well done to Naomi!