What If The 'Transformers' Trailer Was Brutally Honest? (VIDEO)

WATCH: The 'Transformers' Trailer - The Brutally Honest Version

Dislike Michael Bay's Transformers franchise? Love a good bit of cynical humour every now and again? Well then, today's your lucky day because the good people over at ScreenJunkies.com have made another one of their 'honest trailers'.

The gag, as you might have guessed, revolves around the idea of what it might be like if trailers told the truth about the movies they were meant to be selling.

But when we say 'told the truth', we really mean it. Just remember: Transformers is a pretty terrible film, so the truth hurts. Really rather a lot, as it happens.

Still, if you're in no way affiliated with Michael Bay or his production company, this video is pretty much bound to make you laugh. If you've watched the film already, of course. You poor thing.


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