18/05/2012 13:33 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Parents Agree To Son's Request To Stop Cancer Treatment After Five Years Fighting Brain Cancer

A nine-year-old boy with brain cancer has told his parents he is 'done' fighting for his life and does not want to continue with treatment.

Ryan Kennedy from Clarkston in America told his mum, "I'm done with this" after fighting a rare form of brain cancer for five years.

He has battled through seven surgeries, four rounds of chemotherapy and two rounds of radiation in an attempt to beat the cancer.

After the last round of surgery paralysed one side of his face, he told his mum Kimberley that he wanted to be like he was before his cancer fight, which has blighted him for more than half of his life, and didn't want any more treatment.

The family has agreed to follow his wishes, and are now trying to make Ryan as comfortable as possible, and make the rest of his life as fun and fulfilling as possible. Doctors have said he is unlikely to make it to his 10th birthday at the end of this month.

Kimberley has also spoken out about raising awareness of brain cancer, and hopes sharing Ryan's story will help more people become aware of this rare cancer.

Watch the new report above for an interview with Kimberley and hear more about Ryan's story.

We wish Ryan and his family all the best.

What a wretched decision to have to make!