The Voice: Jessie J And Becky Hill Take A Tumble In The Studio During Rehearsals For This Week's Competition (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jessie J On Her Back After Rugby Tackle From Becky

It's been a strange week for Jessie J, and now she's ended up on her back - literally - after an affectionate rugby tackle from her contestant, teenager Becky Hill, went a bit wrong.

The pair were in the studio this week practising for Saturday's competition, and it all seemed to be going so well that Jessie invited Becky to rugby-tackle her in celebration.

Even Becky seemed a little unsure, pointing out their different size ratios, "You're so...."

And sure enough, within seconds, Jessie had disappeared on the floor and nearly into the wall, with Becky apologising profusely for her masterful grip.

Jessie managed to put a smile back on her face, but it's been a long week for the Price Tag hitmaker - as she told reporters earlier this week, she's faced some of the most negative press she's ever seen.

And there was more of it today, with sources behind the scenes of the show, still trying to recover from the BGT late ratings swam that almost sucked the life out of it in the last fortnight, reporting that Jessie had got too big for her boots, was distant from the other judges, wasn't experienced enough, and was even at loggerheads with the show's experienced stylist over what her acts should look like for their big moment. Read more here at the Daily Mail...

But it could all just be a good little stir-up ahead of Saturday night, keeping us interested. Well, it worked for Haye and Chisora... ok, perhaps that's not the best example... here are Jessie, Mel C and some other faces you'll recognise in action for Music is Great Week:


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