21/05/2012 16:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Chantelle Houghton Confirms She Is Living Apart From Alex Reid - And She's Planning To Give Birth In A 'Sexy Black Nightie'

Chantelle Houghton to give birth in 'sexy black nightie' PA

When you're a celeb there is no event that does not need careful What to Wear management, and that includes giving birth!

Whilst most pregnant mums are happy to labour in an out-sized nightie or one of their partner's old work shirts, glamour girl Chantelle Houghton is keeping her labour look all about the glitz!

Writing in her regular column in New! magazine this week, the model turned TV presenter turned girlfriend of Alex Reid turned pregnant celebrity reveals that she will be labouring in... wait for it... 'a sexy black nightdress covered in lace and diamanté.'

"My friend wore a maxi dress," she writes, "so I'm guessing it will be OK. I've got an appointment to see the midwife so that I can ask her any questions I may have – what to wear will be one of them."

Now, personally, we would not have put sexy in the same sentence as lace and diamanté, but each labouring woman to their own. We assume this particular design has neck to chest poppers for ease of boob access, pockets for breast pads, and a matching pair of 'sexy' black knicks with a gusset robust enough to take a mattress sized maternity pad... if not, Chan, love, you might want to reconsider... And we'll be very interested to hear what your midwife thinks, too!

Chantelle also confirms this week that she IS living back in her own flat on her own and not in the house she and Alex Reid had been sharing up until recently:

"I have very good reason for that," she writes, "but I don't want to go into any more detail
because it's extremely raw right now. It's been a really upsetting and difficult week for me
and not the best thing to have to go through when I'm so close to having the baby."

We really hope things work out for Chantelle (though perhaps not on the nightie front) Her pregnancy and relationship issues really seem to be taking their toll now!

Read the full story in this week's New! magazine out today