21/05/2012 07:59 BST | Updated 21/07/2012 06:12 BST

Tadas Černiauskas's Has A Blast With 'Blow Job' Photography Project

Ever wondered what it would feel like to face a hurricane?

This funny series of shots by photographer Tadas Černiauskas won't tell you how it feels, but it should give you an indication of how you would look.

The Lithuanian invited hundreds of people to his studio in Vilnius to have their faces blasted with air so that he could capture the not entirely flattering affect it had on their mouths, eyes and hair.

As he explained to HuffPost US: "This series doesn't have any hidden meanings. It was meant to give some good laughter to the viewers and participants."

It certainly sounds like everyone involved had a blast.


Tadas Černiauskas's 'Blow Job' Stars Get The Video Treatment (VIDEO, PICTURES)

"Not everyone was brave enough to stand in front of a camera, but still they had a good time seeing others in action," Černiauskas explained to us in an email.

"The studio soon was full of people and everyone was having a good time."

And it didn't take long before the project - entitled Blow Job - spread around the world via the internet.

"In a few days the project went viral and I got attention from the biggest media and news companies all over the world.

"Images on my Facebook page got 3 million views in a week. My web site got down because of the traffic and it seems that a week later it's not over yet.

"This morning I found nearly 100 letters in my inbox asking for a permission to publish these photos on magazines and web sites."

And here they are...

'Blow Job' by Tadas Černiauskas.