22/05/2012 18:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2012 19:18 BST

EUROVISION 2012: Jedward Are The Very Last To Go Through For Ireland In Semi-Final 1, In Azerbaijan (PHOTOS)

Jedward kept their fans on their toes during the first of the Eurovision semi-finals on Tuesday evening.

The Irish duo took the very last remaining vacancy for Saturday's final, after they had performed their song Waterline to a packed audience in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The twins resembled a pair of excited C3P0's in metallic gold uniforms - it was a typically excitable offering from our very favourite flowerpot men, and they deserve to come a noble second to the Humperdinck come Saturday night.

But you could tell the boys were feeling the pressure - even the quiffs had wilted.

But Jedward weren't the audience favourite by any means. That honour went to the Russian grannies - Buranovskiye Babushki, literally 'Buranovo Grannies', who beat 24 other native acts to represent their country, and who had stolen every viewer's heart with their enthusiasm, some mouthpieces knicked from Madonna's Vogue video, patchwork outfits and back-story of raising money for their local church.

That money's already safe, apparently, and they might have to find a shelf in said church for a trophy if the cheers continue at this pitch come the weekend. I hate to say it, but they could be the Hump's biggest challenge.

The UK is one of five countries, plus the host of Azerbaijan, who don't have to compete in the semis. The others are Spain, Italy, Germany and France. Which can only be a good thing as it means they get the extra rest, like tennis players. (Obviously, if they'd had to perform, I'd have mentioned something about practice, improved stagecraft and optimum acoustic familiarity.)

The second semi-final is on Thursday evening, and then the final is on Saturday night - which we will be covering in professional, non-partisan, dignified fashion. Meanwhile, Jedward's silver-medal-worthy performance above, and the Russian grannies below... place your bets now.