22/05/2012 08:20 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Liz Hurley Hits Out At Mummy Two Critics

Mummy Two Liz Hurley hits out  critics PA

Liz Hurley has taken to the internet to respond to negative comments in the press about her relationship with Shane Warne's children and his ex-wife Simone.

Liz has written on her official Facebook page to set the record straight about being called 'Mummy Two'. Liz wrote:

"For the record, neither my fiancé Shane nor I have ever asked his children to call me anything in particular and have never suggested any nicknames for me. Shane's three children started to call me 'M2', in an affectionate and light hearted way, over a year ago."

Liz went on to say she was upset by the way the media have reacted to the children's nickname for her, and claims they are trying to make the best of the set-up they find themselves in:

"I find it very upsetting that they have been accused publicly of being 'disrespectful' to their mother by doing this. I believe they were making the best of a situation into which they had been thrust, and it pains me that they are being criticised. They are very sweet children and do not deserve this."

She goes on to acknowledge that it is not easy blending step-families, but insists they all get on well:

"Melding families is never easy and we are all doing the best we can. Shane's children have been welcoming and inclusive to me and my son and we have a great time when we are together.

"I try very hard to look after them, and care for them, in the same way that I do my own son when they are with us and I wouldn't know any other way to be. I am writing this to remind spiteful and trouble-making publications that they are hurting four children by publishing such ridiculous remarks about them."

Elizabeth, 46, also hit back at critics who had questioned her presence at Shane's children's school and sporting events, and the ensuing photographs which appeared in the press:

"Please know that we HATE photographers following us on the school run and to the kids' netball and football matches," she wrote.

Elizabeth and Shane, 42, have been together since 2010. She has one son, Damien, 10, from a brief relationship with businessman Steve Bing, whilst Shane has three children, Brooke, 14, Jackson, 13, and Summer, nine, with his former wife Simone Callaghan.

Hmm, but wasn't it Liz who rather tactlessly brought up her Mummy Two name in a Hello interview?

What do you think about this? IS Liz overstepping the mark? And is Facebook really the place to set the record straight?