22/05/2012 11:20 BST

Musician Maisie-Mae Cater Wrote Hit Song During 'Boring' Maths Lessons

A budding musician has admitted she composed some of her music during "boring" maths lessons.

Maisie-Mae Cater, from Milking Nook, Cambridgeshire, has already had two of her songs played on BBC Radio 6. The 15-year-old appeared on the radio station's Introducing sessions, and has since seen her fame rocket.

Cater, whose singles appear on her Sound Cloud page, told the Peterborough Today: "I've even written songs in maths lessons.

"Although I've always completed the class work afterwards," she added. "Everything seems to have happened so quickly."

maisiemae cater

Cater has shot to fame after penning music during her maths lessons

The teen, who only started singing two years ago after borrowing her dad's guitar, was even emailed by fellow musician Frank Turner who said he liked her record The Plight. Cater asked on her Facebook page: "Do I cry now or later?"

Nerd Love, which was aired on BBC Radio 6

Cater has already amassed more than 1,200 likes on her Facebook page, while her EP is available to download on iTunes and features four of her singles.

While most students are fretting over algebra, it looks like Cater has already added two and two together and realised she's got a bright future - with or without the maths GCSE.