24/05/2012 06:07 BST

'The Apprentice' 2012: Fired Candidate Stephen Brady Says He Was 'Jaded' (INTERVIEW)

Stephen, a national sales manager who lives in Vienna, Austria, lost out on the chance to become Lord Sugar's next Apprentice on Wednesday night, after he crashed out in a double eviction.

His bad idea and foolish mistakes dragged Gabrielle down with him, so how does he feel about his firing?

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When did you know it had gone wrong for you?

Actually, last week, the sparkling wine task advert was pretty bad. I thought my days were numbered then.

Did you expect the double eviction?

I expected I would go to be honest but I didn't expect Gaby to go. You could see we'd all grown quite tired.

Who was to blame?

Me, I was project manager. I was actually knackered. After 10 weeks of the same process and getting up at 4am you get quite jaded. The eliminations also get harder as you get closer to people and it's hard to see them go.

Was Lord Sugar's accusation that you were running around like "a couple of headless chickens" fair?

From an objective point of view, yes. I was certainly running around in a non-strategic way.

What was the best moment of the show for you?

There were lots and lots. My ideas were genuinely taken on board, which tells me hopefully the other guys on my team respected me.

What were Nick, Karren and Lord Sugar really like?

They were exactly like you'd expect. They very much watch-from-a-distance and give cold and factual advice. They don't let anything cloud a situation and I respected everything they said.

What will you do now?

I'm launching a business called Box Clean, it's a dry cleaning business where you can locate the nearest store on your mobile phone and have your clothes delivered to your door. I also think I speak quite well and I'm open to other options that may come, such as TV or radio jobs.

Will you keep watching? And who do you want to win?

Yes, my stupid ideas won't be in next week's show so it's going to be easier to watch without panicking myself. And Adam's so funny I'll enjoy watching him.

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