24/05/2012 13:00 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Twenty Three Stone Mum Goes On Maternity Leave - And Loses Half Her Body Weight!

Twenty three stone mum goes on maternity leave - and loses half her body weight! MEN

Determined Jacqueline Illingworth used her maternity leave to become half the woman she used to be!

The Stockport mum spent two hours a day at the gym and followed a healthy eating diet and lost ELEVEN STONE.

Like many of us, she put on weight by bingeing on fry-ups, chocolate and kebabs - and ballooned to 23 stone and size 26.

But after a difficult labour with her daughter, Scarlett, and the death of her beloved dad, Jacqueline decided enough was enough.

Now regular customers who see her in the Iceland store where she works think she's her MUCH littler sister.

Jacqueline, who's 23 and now a svelte size 12, told her local paper: "After I gave birth and my dad died I was basically a mess.

"I was the heaviest I'd ever been and just didn't want to leave the house – my head was all over the place. Eventually a friend suggested I started going to the gym with her.

"I started on the cross trainer and built up from there. I was sick of my size, which I'd always hated but never done anything about before.

"But I realised if I didn't lose weight I wasn't going be around for my daughter when I was 30.


Now I'm back at work, customers come in and say I remind them of someone called Jacqueline who used to work there, or ask if I'm her sister.


"I have to tell them it's still me. Most say they only recognise me because I've kept my make-up the same.

"Losing the weight has really helped my self confidence and now I love going shopping for clothes which I couldn't do before."

Congratulations Jacqueline!