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Freddie Flintoff: I Can't Cope With Hangovers Any More

Freddie Flintoff: I can't do hangovers anymore! Discovery Channel

Cricket legend Freddie Flintoff is dad to Holly, seven, Corey, six, and Rocky, four, his children with wife, Rachael Wools. We caught up with the dad of three to talk about dragging his kids away from their computers, and why he can't handle a hangover now he's a dad...

Your children are growing up fast, what's your favourite thing about being a dad?

Just watching them grow up and change. I find that fascinating. I love being at home with them, doing the school run and just being around them. They are fantastic kids.

And the worst?

They get up too early! That can be a struggle, but I get around six hours sleep which I guess isn't too bad.

How do you handle a hangover with three small children?

I don't!


There's no fail-safe hangover cure, you just have to get on with it, which is very difficult with kids around. You just can't do it with kids.


I have nights now and then where I go out, but only if I know I'm safe the next day!

Freddie Flintoff: I can't do hangovers anymore! Freddie shows off new baby Rocky not long after his birth in 2008. Pic: PA

Are your children taking after you in the sports department?

I'd be lying if I said they don't like their computers and DS games, but they are quite up for getting out and about and enjoy being active. I took my eldest son to an England cricket match recently which was great fun, I'll be doing more of that as they get older.

You run a cricket academy for young children, tell us about that...

It started off small, but there are now 70 around the UK. It's all about having fun and enjoying having a go at the game, and it's not elitist or competitive in the slightest. I started playing aged six and didn't stop because I enjoyed it so much, so I wanted to show other kids how much fun it is. Cricket has been so good to me, and I wanted to give something back. I love working with the kids too, seeing them smile and having fun with the game is a fantastic feeling.

Do you miss playing professionally?

I can't say I don't because I love the game, but I have got lots of things going on to keep me busy which I'm really enjoying. My new show, Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild is about to launch, which certainly kept me occupied when I was fliming! It's a similar idea to a previous show I was involved in called Into the Wild, where I was dropped off in the middle of nowhere on my own in various locations, which just a camera for company. I'm pleased to say there's a group of us this time around!

How did you find being away from your family during filming?

Tough. It was amazing to film in the wild places we did, but there were times when it really did have its moments, and I thought about home a lot.

Freddie Flintoff: I can't do hangovers anymore! Freddie and wife Rachael. Pic: PA

How long were you away for?

We filmed in two week blocks, so I would be away for two, and then at home for two, which kept it manageable.


I missed the mornings the most, when the kids come running in to our room and give us amazing hugs.


Where in the world would you most like to show them?

Everywhere! India was an amazing place, and I spent a lot of time with different cultures which I would love them to experience.

Have your kids spent a lot of time abroad with your travels?

They are pretty well travelled considering their young ages. When I was playing professional cricket my daughter came on tour with us at six weeks old. I was going to be away for a long time and I wouldn't have done it without her with me.


I had to carry an extra bag full of milk! I'm not sure what management thought...


Would you like more children?

I think we're set with our three. They are fantastic, healthy children who are keeping us nice and busy. I'm just one of two so I don't think a massive family is for me.

Freddie Flintoff Goes Wild launches on the Discovery Channel from Thursday 24th May at 9pm.

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