25/05/2012 06:04 BST

Fugitive Tokyo Penguin Recaptured In City Harbour, Ending Two Month Manhunt (PICTURES)

Tokyo's Coast Guard has finally caught a "fugitive" penguin on Thursday, two months after it scaled a wall and escaped the city's Sea Life Centre.

Known only as Penguin 337, the one-year-old Humboldt penguin was brought back to its home after escaping in March. The penguin had been spotted in and around Tokyo Bay several times in the past few weeks but had been able to evade attempts to capture it.

The sea bird, which is too young to be identified as male or female, was taken in on Thursday by two zookeepers who spent the day on the river bank, a spokesman for the Tokyo Sea Life Park said.

Zookeepers had been going on regular excursions around the city to try and find the penguin since its escape.

tokyo penguin

The escaped penguin was captured on video in Tokyo Bay before it was captured

Locals were worried for the penguin's health in the bay, which is both busy with ships and apparently unsafe for the bird due to rising radiation levels.

"It hasn't lost weight," the spokesman said. "It hasn't got fatter either but its health seems good."

The penguin will receive a full health check before he returns to the aquarium.

Penguin 337 will go back to its habitat at the aquarium, two months after it somehow managed to clamber up a four meter-high wall (13 feet) and successfully navigate a barbed wire fence.