25/05/2012 08:22 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Harry Potter's Quidditch Introduced At Essex School

Harry Potter's Quidditch introduced at Essex school PA A New York Quidditch team show how it's done

A school in Essex has revived pupils' enthusiasm for PE by putting Harry Potter's favourite sport on the curriculum!
Ormiston Park Academy in south Ockendon have put Quidditch on the timetable for girls in Year 10 in a bid to get them enthused about games.

Staff hoped to engage the students more in their PE lessons after figures showed one girl had only done four PE lessons in 18 months, while many others generally lacked interest in the sessions.

The sport, known as Muggle Quidditch, was first adapted from JK Rowling's stories and introduced to kids in the USA seven years ago. It is described as a cross between dodgeball and netball - but with no broomstick flying!

Teacher Sarah-Jane Treddinick from Ormiston Park Academy told the BBC news: "I wanted a fun and unusual game to play and saw Quidditch on BBC news. I thought 'let's give that a go with my girls'.

"There was a variety of roles, which allowed everyone to feel part of the team. Most of all, it has engaged students back into lessons."

The students get to ride on broomsticks and chase a 'snitch' - otherwise known as a tennis ball in a sock - in the game.

"At the end of the first lesson the girls all said they wanted to do it again and they even wanted to go outside!" Sarah-Jane said.

What a fab idea! Would you like Quidditch to be introduced at your kids' school?

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