Meet The Fokkens: A Portrait Of 69-Year-Old Prostitute Twin Sisters Louise And Martine (VIDEO, PICTURES)

Meet The Fokkens: 69-Year-Old Prostitute Twin Sisters (VIDEO, PICTURES)

It’s the oldest profession in the world, and this sexagenarian prostitute duo have apparently clocked up more than 50 years each between the sheets.

Identical twins Louise and Martine Fokken began their careers working for a pimp, but soon branched out to run their own brothel in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. They are also credited with setting up one of the first informal trade unions for prostitutes.

The 69-year-olds feature in Meet The Fokkens a documentary to be shown at New York City’s Film Forum on August 8. It is planned for general distribution thereafter.

Although Louise threw in the towel owing to arthritis two years ago, (“I couldn’t get one leg over the other,” she laments), Martine is still plying her trade.

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As Louise explains in the film's official trailer: “She needs the money. You can’t live off a state pension.”

Additional clips feature one of the sisters gleefully exclaiming: “I can’t tell you how many tricks we’ve had – countless,” as the pair browse vibrators in a sex shop.

Another scene sees Martine applying lipstick while calling out to an unseen man: “I’m almost there, did you hear me?”

“Yes mistress”, comes the muffled reply, to which Martine nods, muttering “Good boy”.

Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands and the tale of these two sisters has promise of being a heart-warming, cheerful affair, in an industry with a less than savoury reputation.

The sisters are wholly candid about their profession, with Louise voicing her continued support to Martine: “You did the work, you’ve been a whore. You’ll never get rid of that name.

“They’ll always call you names, so be one.”

As a last tease, the trailer sees the pair hoisting their matching red dresses over their knees and dancing a jig outside their Amsterdam home with their faithful Chihuahua standing by.

"This is the story we wanted to tell," directors Gabriëlle Provaas and Rob Schröde said in a statement reported by ABC News.

In a statement on the film’s official website, Louise comes across as wistful for past times, reminiscing: "In the old days, the local copper would tap on the window if a girl was showing too much ankle, now the girls deal coke from their cubicles."

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