Skydiving Pensioner Gets More Than She Bargained For (VIDEO)

A video of a pensioner nearly slipping out of her parachute harness as she takes her first tandem skydive has hit the web.

The clip, originally posted on The Chive, sees the smiling woman, who identifies herself as Laverne, announcing to the camera she had just turned 80 and has been wanting to attempt the stunt for a decade.

The birthday girl triumphantly shouts: "I'm ready!" before boarding the plane in California.

As the plane climbs, everyone on board seems in high spirits with divers taking their turns without incident. Meanwhile Laverne struggles with her goggles, and appears noticeably less enthusiastic than she did on the ground.

It's hard to be sure what's going on exactly, but when it comes to Laverne's turn, she looks as if she's changed her mind as she clings to the door frame and shakes her head.

However, her dive partner, who is presumably very much used to last-minute nerves, prises her hands off the door and leaps out the Laverne almost leaps out of her harness.

The pensioner's body slips through the straps, leaving her hanging on by barely a thread as the pair plummet towards the ground at an estimated 125mph.

Panic is etched on the stricken instructor's face as the drama unfolds, Laverne dangling helplessly from his chest.

We'll let you watch the rest for yourself, but luckily Laverne appears to make it to safety.

Tony Butler, technical officer at the British Parachute Association, told the Mail Online the pensioner could easily have slipped out of the harness.

He said: "She was very close to slipping out. You can see from the video the instructor was trying to get to the harness and cling on to it. The person with the video camera was also trying to help."

According to the video, Laverne's ill-fated dive was taken with The Parachute Center in Acampo, California. Its website advertises tandem jumps for $100, adding: "No reservations necessary!"

No one was answering the phone at the company this afternoon.