25/05/2012 16:24 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Two Schoolboys Sponsored By Head To Shave Their Heads Punished The Next Day At School!

Pupils sponsored by head teacher to have their heads shaves are put in isolation the next day at school!  Casade

Here's a tale to leave you well and truly scratching your heads.

Two school boys who were sponsored by their head teacher to do a charity head shave were put in isolation when they arrived at school the next day with their lopped off locks.

Billy Howard and Joe Moon, both 15, jointly raised £500 for St Luke's Hospice in Basildon, Essex by getting their heads' shaved.

They got permission from Gable Hall School in Stanford-Le-Hope, Essex, and were sponsored by head teacher, Dr Sophina Asong.

After having their heads clippered in front of friends and family at Billy's home on Branksome Avenue, Stanford-Le-Hope on Tuesday night, a teacher ordered the boys into isolation on Wednesday morning.

The boys decided to fund raise for St Luke's after reading about the good work it does in the community. But they had their hair cut an eighth of inch shorter than they were allowed.

Billy's parents were so angry with the school's decision that Billy was home-schooled yesterday (Thursday, 24th May) whilst Joe, who lives in Corringham, Essex, was allowed special permission to go on a pre-arranged school drama trip to London.

Billy's mum, Sally, 45, said: "We're angry. It's such a shame the boys were put in isolation for the day. They will be in for all breaks until it grows out, even though Dr Asong sponsored the boys.

"Apparently only a number three is allowed and they had a number two. We are so proud of the boys and they should not be hidden away as they did it for such a good cause.

"The school could have gone about this differently and got the boys up in assembly and congratulated them in front of the school, but instead they told younger pupils that skinhead hair is not an acceptable part of the uniform."

Pupils sponsored by head teacher to have their heads shaves are put in isolation the next day at school!  Cascade

In a letter sent to the school yesterday (Thursday, 24th May), Billy's dad, Gary, 45, expressed disappointment at the decision and asked what values the school were teaching.

He said: "It's a strange one really. They have shown responsibility and creativity for a good cause. Now they can't even collect their sponsorship from their fellow pupils."

Gable Hall headteacher Dr Sophina Asong said the boys had knowingly broken school rules.: "The school's support for St Luke's Hospice and the service it provides to our community is whole hearted.

"The decision by two students to raise sponsorship by shaving their heads was approved by the school provided it conformed to the school behaviour code.

"On the day the students came into school with their heads shaved, they admitted to staff that they had knowingly flouted the code and it is for this reason that they ended up being taught in isolation."

Beggars belief, doesn't it?

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