25/05/2012 08:13 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Victory For Boy Who Wore A Skirt To School As He Wins Right To Wear Shorts In Summer

Chris Whitehead SWNS

Chris Whitehead made headlines last summer when he wore a skirt to school
in protest at boys not being allowed to wear shorts in the summer months.

He has now won a trial run of shorts for boys at his school, Impington Village College in Cambridge.

Chris, 13, wanted boys to be able to wear shorts in the warm summer months, just like girls are allowed to wear skirts, instead of sweltering in trousers. He was so determined to get the uniform changed, he turned up to class in his sister's skirt to make his point.

A year later and he has finally got his school to allow boys to wear shorts - but only for a trial run, following a three-month consultation with pupils, parents and staff.

"It's great that after a year changes have started to happen, and we can wear shorts, but other students and I think it's a shame that only a little has changed after such a long uniform review," aspiring politician Chris told the Cambridge News.

"It seems that the adults influenced the decision more than the students themselves."

Sandra Morton, vice-principal, said: "We have agreed that from the half-term we will give students the opportunity to wear plain black shorts until the end of term.

"We have emphasised the difference between holiday and school time in that school is a place of work and are keen to hear the feedback on whether wearing shorts has had a positive or negative impact on learning."

Go Chris!