28/05/2012 10:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Britain's Fattest Teen: House Partially Demolished So Medics Could Get Her To Hospital

Britain's fattest teen Georgia Davis Wales News Service

Firefighters, medics and engineers were forced to demolish part of a house to get an ill teenager who weighs 63 stones to hospital.

Georgia Davis, 19, had suffered a seizure, and her size meant a 40-strong team had to be involved in her rescue.

Officers from the local council's Emergency Planning and Social Services Team were at the scene working alongside the police, medics and scaffolders. A 300-yard cordon was put in place around her home, and traffic diverted.

The Sun reports that Georgia, from Aberdare, South Wales, was rescued from her bedroom - but not before the top of her mum's semi was smashed open to make a 10ft by 10ft hole. An internal wall then had to be ripped down, and scaffolding put up before supports were put in to stop the roof of the property caving.

Tragic Georgia was then craned out on to a ramp. A tarpaulin was put up around the house to protect her from prying eyes as she was transferred to a reinforced ambulance on an 11-stone stretcher.

She is now said to be seriously ill in a hospital in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, with her mum Lesley at her bedside.

A neighbour told reporters that Georgia was 'effectively immobile' and had been for six months. Despite this, she is the registered carer for her mum, who suffers heart problems and arthritis.

Local man Jonathan Price, 41, told journalists that Georgia had texted his daughter after falling ill on Wednesday:

"She texted my daughter to tell her she was in agony with chest and back pains and they were waiting to get her to hospital. She hasn't been out of bed for months and they couldn't shift her," he said.

Georgia hit the headlines four years ago when she was just 15 and weighed in at a shocking 33 stone. She was warned then to lose 20 stone or die. Friends have now put her weight at a staggering 63 stone.

Despite attending a US weight loss camp for obese youngsters where she shed an amazing 14st 6lbs, she piled the pounds back on within 20 months, blaming her mum for not making her eat healthy food but serving up 'fish and chips instead'.

Last year, weighing in at 45 stone, she said she had stopped taking care of herself because she was spending her time caring for her mum and step-dad, who has lung cancer.

"I was looking after them all the time. I was feeling so sad that they were both going downhill so fast and I stopped taking care of myself," she said.

Such a tragic story. Let's hope Georgia recovers and gets some help.